[Updated] How To Start A Blog In 2021 From Scratch [Step By Step Guide]

  • Step 1: Choose a Niche for your blog
  • Step 2: Choose a good domain for your blog
  • Step 3: Find a good WebHosting Provider and Domain
  • Step 4: Set up your Wordpress blog
  • Step 5: Choose an attention-grabbing theme for your blog
  • Step 6: Some Essential plugin for your blog.
  • Step 7: Write and publish your blog
  • Bonus: Some ways to make money from your blogs.
  • Express Yourself — Blogging is the platform that allows you to express yourself by writing the content for your audience.
  • You can help others and gain fans — You can help the readers by writing the content on your blog, and by this, they will become your true fans which always there for your support.
  • Make Money Online — Yes, You can make money from your blog by doing Affiliate Marketing and Running Ads.

Step 1: Choose a Right Niche for Your Blog (Crucial Step For Success)

  • See that you can make money from that?
  • They have enough affiliate programs or not?
  • Is that niche is having a good volume of keywords or not?
  • Are you interested in working on that niche?
  • Can you share the article of that niche?
  • Can you solve other problems with your writing on that niche?
  • Take Paper & Pen
  • Write down your interest or which you are passionate about (Add three or more) on the list
  • Find the niche which you liked the most from the list
  • Also, find an affiliate of that niche
  • You are good to go

Step 2: Choose a Good Domain for Your Blog

  • Keep it Short & Simple — Try to keep your domain as short, don’t make it too long because it’s not easy to pronounce and keep your domain name simply because it’s easy to remember. (Jon Morrow changed their domain name to BoostBlogTraffic to SmartBlogger, and their blog are getting millions of traffic because now his domain looks simple).
  • Use Keyword — You can use your main keyword in your domain, which helps you in SEO.
  • Don’t Use Numbers — You can’t use numbers in your domain because it’s not easy to remember the numbers
  • Always Use TLD Extension — I recommend you to use domain extension like .com because it’s for globally.
Note: Which blogging platform should you choose?I am not going to much time to here explain to you which platform is best,There is a lot of blogging platform which you can use to make your blog, but I recommended you to go with WordPress.Why?Because in other platforms, you can’t have access to edit or customize everything, but WordPress gives you the freedom to make your blog as you can.In WordPress, you have many plugins and themes which you can use to make your blog Awesome!So I think you can get an idea of why WordPress is good.

Step 3: Choose a Good Hosting For Your Blog

  1. HTTPS://(Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  2. www (the subdomain)
  3. becauselifeisonce (Domain name)
  4. .com(Top Level Domain).
  • number of WordPress installs
  • traffic volume (number of visits per month)
  • disk storage amount
  • Git version control
  • Staging: instantly create a copy of your site for testing
  • Easy transferable installs from free to paid accounts
  • Option to move to PHP 7, the latest version of PHP

Step 4: Set up your WordPress blog

  1. You have to select the start of a website option to make a brand new website. Then, you have to click on the software which you want to install your website.

Step 5: Choose an Attention-Grabbing Theme

  • Make sure that premium themes which you are purchasing are lightweight and easy to use.
  • Check that the theme is compatible with your latest WordPress version.
  • Always check that the is must be responsive.
  • Support is the main thing, so try to find a theme that has excellent contact support (like StudioPress).

Step 7: Write Your First Stunning Post and Published It

  • If you are confused about finding the topic of your new post, so I recommended you do some keyword research around your niche, and by searching, you will find many awesome keywords that are easy to rank.
  • Always tries to make an awesome title of your blog post by using numbers and power words.
  • Make sure you should add some images for making your article more comprehensive; I strongly recommend you to make your article lengthy and more in detail, and by more detail post, you can make your reader your true fan.
  • I suggest you go through with the on-page guide so you can optimize your content easily.
  • Use words like I and You to more connect with your readers and try to don’t take copyright images from google. I recommend you always use copyright-free images.

Step 8: Some Ways to Make Money from your Blog (Bonus)



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